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“ PSSP has helped me grow as a person. ”
- PSSP Student Spring 2015

Private Tutoring

The Learning Center is now offering private tutoring on a limited basis. Below are the private tutoring policies.

  • Private tutoring appointments, which are paid for by the student, are one-on-one appointments, typically in a quiet room at The Learning Center or in The Learning Center’s tutoring lab
  • Before private tutoring appointments are arranged, we REQUIRE students to attend at least two (2) free tutoring appointments to ensure that private tutoring is what they are seeking. We accept private tutoring requests starting three (3) weeks after free tutoring has begun.
  • Students are charged $15 per hour and are required to pay for at least 4 hours in advance; therefore, students are required to make $60 payments for private tutoring. Students will be charged a $20 finder's fee per subject. This fee will be included on the first invoice. (ALL PRIVATE TUTORING SERVICES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE!)
    *Note: The Learning Center holds the right to increase the private tutoring hourly rate for any reason necessary. Students will be informed of any rate increases before they are charged.
  • Private tutoring appointments must be agreed upon by the student and the assigned tutor before tutoring may begin.
  • Once a schedule is agreed on by the student and the assigned tutor, this schedule will be followed throughout the semester until the student decides he/she has received the help they needed.
  • Cancellations: The Learning Center understands that events may arise that could prevent students from attending private tutoring appointments and illnesses do occur; however, we try to minimize cancellations as much as possible. If a student feels they need to cancel their private tutoring appointment, they must contact The Learning Center at least 3 hours before their scheduled appointment.
  • Cancellation charges may occur if the student fails to notify The Learning Center at least 3 hours in advance. Cancellation charges are $15 or equal to the charges for a one hour appointment, whichever is greater.
    *Note: If the student’s appointment is before 11:00am, the student should consider emailing The Learning Center before 8:00pm the night before to avoid cancellation charges.
  • No Shows: In the event that a student does not show up for a scheduled private tutoring appointment that has been agreed on by the student and tutor either through the original schedule or an additional private tutoring appointment requested by the student and approved by The Learning Center, the student will be charged $15 or a charge equal to a one hour appointment, whichever is greater.
  • Schedule Changes: All schedule changes must be made known to and approved by The Learning Center.
For more information or to set up private tutoring, please contact the Director of The Learning at 662.325.2957 or Allen Hall 267.