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“ PSSP has helped me with study techniques and stress management. ”
- PSSP Student Spring 2015

Tutoring Introduction

The Learning Center offers tutoring by appointment only. All tutoring takes place in Rice Hall

Tutoring is free to all MSU students and is available for most of the major subjects fall, spring, and summer terms. Please come by Rice Hall and use these services at your convenience. To schedule an appointment, please go to your myState portal. Look on the lower right hand side of the page and find this image:

The Learning Center Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction Appointment Link

To see what time slots are available, please log into your MyState and click the "Tutoring by Appointment" link at the bottom right of your main page. If you get an error message when clicking on the link, please email and we will enable your account. If you need help in a course that is not listed on the Courses Offered page, please fill out the Tutor Request form and we will try our best to find a tutor for that course. For assistance on scheduling appointments, click on the “Tutoring by Appointment” tab for instructions.