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“ I loved College Success 1. ”
- CASP Student Fall 2015

Tutoring Introduction

All tutoring takes place in Allen Hall, Room 266

Don't wait until it is too late to catch up in your course!

Tutoring is free to all MSU students and is available for most of the major subjects fall, spring, and summer terms. Student IDs are required when you come in for tutoring. Please come by Allen Hall 266 and use these services at your convenience. To Schedule an appointment, please go to your myState portal. Look on the lower right hand side of the page and find this image:

The Learning Center Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction Appointment Link

The Learning Center has helped over 3,000 MSU students (including over 9,000 individual visits) since fall 2011. These are real-life testimonials from students that have benefited from tutoring at The Learning Center.

  • "The Learning Center is a great place to learn information for classes. It takes time to expand on the courses or subjects for students at MSU."
  • "The atmosphere in The Learning Center was nice. If I ever need help, I know that I can come to The Learning Center."
  • "I will recommend the tutoring to anyone in need of assistance, such as tutoring. The Learning Center is an excellent source for better understanding the material."
  • "The help I got from the tutoring at The Learning Center was exactly what I needed. It helped me to understand the information, and do well in the class! Thank you again for providing this service to students."
  • "Thank you to the University for providing this service. I believe that overall it is a great service."
  • "I commend The Learning Center. Thank you all for providing free tutoring services; it is much needed and certainly appreciated."