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“ Learned how to be responsible. Thank you! ”
- LSSP Student Spring 2015

Student Spotlight: Lyndsey McDivitt

Lyndsey McDivitt


Major: Finance

Hometown: Memphis, TN

What other clubs or organizations are you a part of?
Honor Code Council, Delta Delta Delta, Shackouls Honors College, Accounting and Finance Student Society, and Pre Law Society

What do you enjoy most about being at MSU?
My favorite part of MSU is game days!

What is the most important advice that you would give students?
Always take a little extra time to learn the material as you go along so that you will not have to cram and stress the night before the test.

Why should students go to SI?
SI is beneficial for your entire college experience, not just the one SI class. It teaches you proper study habits that you can apply to any course in order to be successful. It's an interactive, enjoyable way to learn the material outside of the classroom.