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“ I want to thank you for helping me realize my mistakes, and this class has helped me improve on what I needed to do. I plan to strive for success every time during my college time. Thank you. ”
- LSSP Student Summer/Fall 2015

Student Spotlight: Hannah Kruse

Hannah Kruse


Major: Animal and Dairy Science

Hometown: New Haven, Missouri

What other clubs or organizations are you a part of?
Shackouls' Honors College, Provost Scholars

What do you enjoy most about being at MSU?
There's rarely ever snow! The weather is great and the people are so welcoming.

What is the most important advice that you would give students?
Get plugged in to a study group, job, club, sport, or things going on in your residence hall or department. Connecting with people helps this big campus feel small, like everybody knows everybody.

Why should students go to SI?
SI is an awesome way to meet people in your classes and to learn how to learn. A lot of students didn't have to study much in high school and don't know how to study for their college classes now (I was like that!). SI helps you review the material and learn study strategies.