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“ Ms. Vincent is extremely helpful. She introduced me to a lot of on campus resources that helped me in other classes. ”
- CASP Student Fall 2015

Staff: Kim Johnson

Kim Johnson

Hometown: Greenville, MS
Degree: Bachelor of Accountancy
Job: Business Manager, TLC
Phone Number: 662.325.2957
Office Location: Allen Hall, 267


What is your current position at TLC?
Business Manager I

What do you enjoy most about working with MSU students?
I enjoy helping students get the help they need to succeed in classes. As I am a recent graduate, I know how overwhelming school can be as you get closer to graduation. Many students come by my office just to sit and talk about school, life after school, and future careers. It is a pleasure to offer insight on what they can do or what they have been doing to get closer to their dream.

What is the most important advice you would give students?
Never give up. School can bring on so much stress and doubt, but you can't let that steer you in the wrong direction. Keep faith and your eye on the prize (graduation) because once you get there, you will feel so amazing for achieving such a huge accomplishment.

Why should students take advantage of The Learning Center?
Students should definitely take advantage of The Learning Center. We are filled with people who are ready to help students and give them the resources they need to get through classes. If you haven't heard of The Learning Center or used our services, you are missing out on a lot of help and resources that we can provide.

What are your hobbies or What do you do during your spare time?
I don't get to see my family often, so in my spare time, I like to call my sisters and chat about our day. I don't live too far from them but with a busy schedule, it's not easy to travel when you want.