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“ Helping with tuition and having the class has given me confidence and brought a lot off of my shoulders. ”
- PSSP Student Fall 2014

Learning Skills Support Program (LSSP)

According to AOP 12.16, students with a semester GPA of less than a 2.0 who have attempted at least 24 hours of coursework at Mississippi State University AND who fail to meet the following MSU cumulative GPA requirements will be suspended.

MSU GPA Hours MSU Cumulative GPA
67+ semester hours 2.0
37-66 semester hours 1.8
19-36 semester hours 1.6
0-18 semester hours Not subject to suspension

Typically, once placed on academic suspension, a student must sit out of the university for a semester. However, as an alternative, the Office of the Provost and The Learning Center have designed a program that allows students on academic suspension to stay in school and improve their academic standing and progress. Housed in The Learning Center, the Learning Skills Support Program (LSSP) provides techniques that prepare the student to be academically successful in the future.

If a student’s academic advisor (or department head) and the dean of their college agree on this option, a student will be allowed to enroll that semester taking no more than 16 hours, rather than sitting out. However, should the student be denied early readmission, the program is still an option for the student upon his return after sitting out his required semester.

The Petition for Early Readmission after Suspension (Form A-fall/spring; Form B-summer) can be found at:

There are four main requirements a student must fulfill as a participant in the LSSP, and they are as follows:

  1. Meet with the LSSP Coordinator three times a semester
  2. Meet with his/her academic advisor twice a semester
  3. Complete a specified section of LSK 1033—Fundamentals of Achievement
  4. Maintain a semester GPA of 2.00 or higher during their LSSP participation

The Learning Skills Support Program has been offered to MSU’s suspended students since the Fall 2005 semester and continues to offer students the opportunity to further their education as well as provides guidance, support, and a genuine interest in the student’s success here at MSU. The statistics below display the past success of the LSSP:

LSSP Program Highlights (since its inception in Fall 2005)

  • 78% of suspended students that participated in the LSSP have successfully been removed from academic suspension.
  • 65% of suspended students that participated in the LSSP have been retained at MSU one year after suspension, while only 22% of suspended students that did not participate in the LSSP have stayed in school at MSU.
  • 36% of suspended students that participated in the LSSP have graduated from MSU, while only 8% of suspended students that did not participate in the LSSP have earned a degree.

Additional Information

For more information about LSSP Success Statistics, please download current LSSP report.

If you have questions regarding the LSSP, please contact:

Laura Pate, LSSP Coordinator
or Dr. Clay Armstrong, Interim Director at The Learning Center
(662) 325-2957
267 Allen Hall