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“ PSSP has helped me grow and feel better about my classes. ”
- PSSP Student Spring 2015

College Achievement Support Program (CASP)

In Fall 2012, the University Academic Advising Center (UAAC) and The Learning Center (TLC) created the College Achievement Support Program (CASP). Designed to work with entering freshmen who are undeclared and meet certain criteria, the CASP provides courses specifically designed to assist the first-year students during their transition from high school to the MSU community.

There are two main program requirements a student must fulfill as a participant in the CASP, and they are as follows:

  1. Meet with the CASP Coordinator three times a semester
  2. Enroll and participate in LSK 1041—College Success I

As an option for CASP students, LSK 1141—College Success II is a follow-up course and is strongly recommended for the student if his/her MSU cumulative GPA drops below a 2.5.

Both 1-hr courses (LSK 1041 and LSK 1141) are tailored to work with this specific population of students at MSU.

LSK 1041 will introduce entering students to the University’s student handbook, relevant policies and procedures, along with the “college survival skills” such as: communicating, goal setting, time management, note-taking, learning styles, and general study skills, which are all common areas where students struggle in transitioning from high school to a four-year institution.

LSK 1141 builds on the ideas and skills developed in LSK 1041 but is more self-reflective. LSK 1141 allows the student to take ownership of his/her own learning and time management, while being more focused on preparing students for life after college through the development of resumes, participation in the Career Fair, and guidance through meetings with the Coordinator, the student’s academic advisor, and department. This provides the student with the opportunity to research various majors and careers while increasing motivation, excitement for his/her education, and the desire to declare a major.

Additional Information

For more information about CASP Success Statistics, please download current CASP report.

If you have questions regarding the CASP, please contact:

Nick Hyer CASP Coordinator
or Dr. Clay Armstrong, Director at The Learning Center