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   The Learning Center supports Mississippi State University students in improving academic performance and in enhancing lifelong learning skills. The Learning Center offers diverse services to graduate and undergraduate students which include academically enhanced university credit courses, support programs, workshops, seminars, tutoring services, academic coaching, and state of the art technology labs. Open to all university entities, these services promote academic excellence.

News from The Learning Center

Staff Spotlight: Meet Terry McDowell

Terry McDowell

Why should students take advantage of The Learning Center?

Almost every student needs a little help along the way, and The Learning Center can either provide the help that is needed or point the student in the right direction.

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Student Spotlight: Meet Daniel Hall

Daniel Hall

What is your title/position at The Learning Center?

Engineering Mechanics I SI Leader

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TLC Events

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"Ms. Vincent is a great teacher that embodies a great deal of passion and care in what she does."

CASP Student Fall 2015