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“ Ms. Vincent is a wonderful teacher, and she does everything she can do to help students. ”
- CASP Student Fall 2015

Policy on SS, AD, Probation

AOP 12.16 - Academic Suspension and Dismissal

Students with a semester GPA of less than 2.0 who have attempted at least 24 hours of coursework at Mississippi State University AND who fail to meet the following MSU cumulative GPA requirements will be suspended.


Earned Hours
90 or more semester hours
60-89 semester hours
30-59 semester hours
29 or fewer semester hours

MSU Cumulative GPA

AOP 12.15 - Academic Probation for Undergraduate Students

Students whose cumulative MSU GPA is less than 2.00 at the end of any term will enter the next term on academic probation and will remain on probation until the GPA reaches 2.00 or higher. The course load for students on academic probation is restricted to a total of 16 credit hours; a student on academic probation who enrolls concurrently in excess of this limit in correspondence courses or at another institution will not receive credit at Mississippi State University for such courses.

After having been notified of probationary status, a student must schedule an appointment with his/her academic advisor or with the departmental probationary advisor (if the department has a probationary advisor) to devise a plan to improve his/her academic performance.

Additional Student Policies