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“ Ms. Vincent kept me in college. ”
- CASP Student Fall 2015


The Learning Center provides presentations for MSU students and faculty through their resident halls, classes, and other organizations each year to help students improve the way they learn. Presentations can be customized to fit your needs or selected from the list.

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  • Services of The Learning Center
  • General Attitudes: Keys to Successful Attitudes
  • Motivation: Setting Achievable Goals
  • Time Management: Stop Procrastination
  • Anxiety: Coping with Stress and Reduce Worry
  • Concentration: Visualization and Relaxation
  • Information Processing: Add Meaning and Organization
  • Selecting Main Ideas: How to identify
  • Study Aids: What Works and What Does Not
  • Self-Testing: Be Prepared
  • Test Strategies: Plans of Attack
  • Note Taking Skills
  • Know Your Learning Style
  • It's Not Over until the Fat Lady Sings: Preparing for Final Exams
  • Praxis I Exam: Test Anxiety & Study Tips
  • Developing Test-Taking Skills
  • Time Management: Plate too Full?---Balance!
  • Manage your Time: Maintain Your Integrity by Avoiding the Pitfalls of Poor Academic Performance
  • Spring Into School with Effective Study Goal Setting
  • Where Does Time Go? Strategies to Beat Procrastination
  • Building Bridges, Not Walls: Learn to Communicate with Your Instructor
  • Reading for Greater Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Effective Note Taking: Lectures and Power Point
  • Critical Thinking for a Better Memory
  • How to Ace Your Next Exam
  • How to Master Essay Exams
  • Making Groups Work for You
  • Motivating Yourself to Achieve Success!
  • Matching Your Learning Preferences to Academic Course Demands
  • May Day! May Day! Managing Stress?
  • Connecting Learning Inside the Classroom with the Rest of Life
  • How to Strategize for Final Week
  • How to Succeed in Accounting A100
  • The Balancing Act: Getting Good Grades and Having Fun Too
  • Learning from Your Returned Exam
  • Information Management for Large Lectures
  • Overcoming Procrastination Now
  • Improving Reading Speed
  • Emergency Test Preparation: A Systematic Approach to Cramming
  • Regrouping after Midterms: Multiplying Your Time
  • Using Memory in Mastering Course Material
  • Beating Test Anxiety
  • Catching Up in a Course When All Hope Seems Gone
  • Reduce Stress
  • Get Organized
  • How I Learn!
  • How to Improve in Reading Comprehension? Use the SQ4R

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