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“ Ms. Vincent was always nice and inviting. During our conferences, she was always sweet but firm. I would recommend her class to any and every one. ”
- CASP Student Fall 2015

Undergraduate Courses

These are the undergraduate courses offered by The Learning Center.

For times and class availability, please check the MSU Master Class Schedule on Banner.

LSK 0103―Intermediate Reading

  • Three hours lecture.
  • (Prerequisite: A score of 16 or below on the Reading section of the ACT.) Emphasizes and develops reading skills, including comprehension, vocabulary development, and reading rate. Credit for this course will not be applicable toward any degree or grade point average.

LSK 1001―Freshman Seminar

  • One hour seminar.
  • Multi-disciplined, campus-wide approach to orientation to the university, and strategies for employing personal and university resources.

LSK 1013―Effective Reading

  • Three hours lecture.
  • (Designed to prepare a student to comprehend college level reading materials) Comprehension and vocabulary improvement through the use of computer-aided-instruction and directed group activities.

LSK 1033―Fundamentals of Achievement (LSSP)

  • Three hours lecture.
  • (Restrictions: Specifically for students on Academic Suspension or students failing to maintain satisfactory academic progress). Fundamentals focus is on student behaviors and attitude that are most consistently identifies with achieving success in college including time management, testing, memory, and communication.

LSK 1041―College Success I (PSSP)

  • One hour lecture.
  • (Restrictions: Specifically designed for MSU Promise Students after the first semester at MSU). College Success I focuses on study skills that enable one to better learn, understand, and retain what is being taught in the new college environment.

LSK 1043―Life Skills for the Student Athlete

  • Three hours lecture.
  • Focuses on issues student athletes face in transitioning to college and in successfully meeting challenges in the classroom, on the field, and in the workforce.

LSK 1102―Academic Learning Strategies for Math

  • Restricted: Students who have not enrolled in and have not received credit for MA 1313
  • Two hours lecture
  • Mathematical study skills and basic math concepts with which students struggle in preparation to take or taken in conjunction with MA 0103 (Intermediate Algebra).

LSK 1131―Fundamentals of Success (LSSP)

  • One hour lecture.
  • (Prerequisite: LSK 1033). The student behaviors and attitudes that were developed in Fundamentals of Achievement are built upon to strengthen the positive academic and life habits created.

LSK 1141―College Success II (PSSP)

  • One hour lecture.
  • (Prerequisite: LSK 1041) College Success II focuses on the study skills and student habits presented in College Success I and builds on their foundation for continual college success.

LSK 2010―Praxis: Academic Core Enrichment (PACE)

  • One to three variable credit hours lecture.
  • (Restrictions: Education Majors). PACE is designed to provide education majors with a thorough review of the basic skills necessary to pass the PRAXIS I Pre-Professional Skills Test in reading, writing, and mathematics.

LSK 2013―Speed Reading

  • Three hours lecture.
  • Development of techniques for increasing rate of comprehension for all types of reading material.